Video clip with mapping video for Ostyn : Crank , the leader and singer from Absynthe Minded. All the project is made with Millumin using 2 video projectors and using several layers and blend mode. We've been working with a kinect to make the mask. Some 3d where made to fit exactly the original face on the singer and using moving texture. Lot's of effects were made, but finally we've been using just some. Less is more :-) VIDEO CLIP : https://vimeo.com/119940275 Or : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNDTp70LRJA Video directed by Olivier Mitch Goffe and Seb Rekorder Mapping Mike Latona DOP RafVanSitt © Full Tunes Production 2015 http://fulltunesproduction.com

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